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Proof of Developer

HTMLcoin [HTML5] or [/] is lead by developer Amando Boncales (US). The new HTMLcoin swap and organizational structure of 2017 aims to be the preferred cryptocurrency for business transactions and in various monetary communities of the world by tapping the potentials of blockchain technology and to provide the teeming technology users with a fast, reliable, and flexible medium of exchange. The mission is to provide the world with a cryptocurrency that reflects the universal value of humanity, thereby providing [...]



The new HTMLCOIN (HTML5 as a new symbol & version) is based on a stable system, design to withstand the demands of the entire altcoin community. Our new algorithm is based on X15 POW + POS (After 5 years we will be POS). This new algorithm is designed to be adaptable for future applications. HTML5 has a stable & fast system, with robust security capabilities. HTMLCOIN support a charitable cause and encourage technology innovation, this is our core value. We [...]


1.5 Million HTML coins purchased at 1 Satoshi! Cant Lose surely? Million HTML coins purchased at 1 Satoshi! Cant Lose surely?

Recently i became aware that HTMLcoin is undergoing some massive changes. This once long dead coin may be seeing a ressurection and consequently a price hike… (i say dead, it has been stuck at 1 satoshi for a long time) Basically the website is set to relaunch on Saturday the 26th August and the current existing coins are due to swap to the more advanced coin. Now not much is known about the future of htmlcoin but at 1 [...]


An Interview with EVP of Educational Technology: Zac Smith.

The On-exchange Swap Of Htmlcoins approaches rapidly; set for late September, or when 75% of all Htmlcoin currently in existence has been deposited. This swap will bring major updates to Htmlcoin code that I shall describe in detail below. These updates will bring dramatic improvements to the blockchain’s functionality. Firstly of note, I would like to bring attention to the “Real-Time Check-pointing,” feature, number 2. There have been numerous 51% attacks on blockchains in the past, and many were successful. [...]


Htmlcoin: Inclusive and Empowering to People!

From the Author: I would like to personally thank The HTMLCoin Foundation for allowing me the opportunity to write this article about Christopher DiSanto. For the record – I am, myself, a disabled person. Through my own challenges and struggles I have come to the realization that we all have our own personal hardships that are unique to our own state of being. I do not know Christopher personally. However, I believe him to be noteworthy. Coming from a background of [...]