Monthly Archives - October 2017

Htmlcoin White Paper V.5

Dear Htmlcoin Family, Good Day! Today marks an important day in the history of Htmlcoin. The “little coin that could” that debuted in early 2014 has now made its way up to the top of the “mountain” and is ready to speed with all its might down the other side and on into the future. With a burgeoning and ever-expanding world-wide community, uniquely innovative business plans, and a newly developed blockchain platform that brings the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum together, [...]


Official Announcement: Blockchain Release and Swapping Process Update.

Dear HTMLCOIN holders, RE: Official Announcement: Blockchain Release and Swapping Process Update. With pride, we announce important updates regarding the HTMLCOIN swapping process and the strengthening of our team. As we have previously discussed, we have a number of early adopter partners who are developing their projects based on the HTMLCOIN blockchain, and over the last few days we have held a number of meetings with them which have resulted in some exciting new developments. In short, we have agreed to collaborate with our [...]