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Unlocking the highest digital potential in all people

HTMLCOIN recognizes and celebrates that all people are created equal. Our goal is to build and continually enhance a platform that helps to unlock the highest potential in all people. HTMLCOIN is committed to improving the quality of life for all with a platform and coin that can be accessed and used with ease by everyone.

HTMLCOIN is committed to breaking down barriers by providing a strong foundation of support for all, including people who are currently unemployed, physically restricted, or who may not be able to work for other reasons. HTMLCOIN will be for everyone.

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HTMLCOIN focuses on providing a strong educational foundation. Our objective is to uncork the latent potential in an often forgotten and underutilized resource: those of us who are underemployed or unemployed due to natural, physical or other economic challenges.

We are developing a unique model that our partners truly believe in: a platform that unifies freelancers and businesses through a customized portal – HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS. Through our substantial outreach and engagement efforts, we have allied a global community of freelancers, jobseekers, digital companies, and other contributors actively involved in helping to develop our platform. These future subscribers are dedicated to make HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS their preferred collaboration platform.

Through HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS freelancers learn and develop techniques, capabilities and aptitudes that are needed to hone their skills and excel at providing the best and most useful services to their clients.

Our e-learning platform directly addresses challenges in providing opportunities for minorities and vulnerable groups by facilitating the flexible environment and curriculum necessary to learn new skills such as web development, programming and online marketing.

Mastery of these skills enables our community to enter the market and offer their services at a competitive rate. The digital foundation of our e-learning platform’s architecture allows us to scale our learning programs and train hundreds to thousands of participants. This gives us a clear advantage to some of our brick and mortar competitors.


The HTMLCOIN project and HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS are already actively engaged with large companies, venture capitals, and local governments. We think a key part of our marketing strategy is to initiate a media campaign that announces these partnerships: a win-win scenario that shows progressive movement in the industry and establishes our position as a ‘name brand’. Early, positive feedback from governments indicates a keen interest in our platform as a practical, cost-reductive way to integrate vulnerable groups into local markets.

To streamline our campaign efforts and preserve the quality of our communications, we have created templates of introductory letters and techniques for HTMLCOIN ambassadors working with local governments, organizations, companies, career counsellors, rehabilitation centers and other entities joining the platform.

HTMLCOIN developers are working very hard to develop a range of innovative applications for the increasing demand of resources and tools needed in our platform. One of such is a set of service directories for businesses that facilitate self-discovery of targeted skills, offerings, and capabilities.

Why do we use “HTML” in our brand identity?

Many pages on the internet are written in a language called Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). HTML is one of the most famous markup language for creating web pages and web applications. The name ‘HTMLCOIN’ is meant to honor and evoke the legacy of this markup language as a symbol of what we are willing to achieve: an open business model accessible to all who master the “syntax” of participating in the digital economy.