Cryptocurrency began with Bitcoin in 2008. Upon its introduction, Bitcoin was merely a white paper with a novel idea. But it caught on, and has grown from a fledgling idea into a bonafide global phenomenon, making millionaires out of many of its initial supporters along the way. Beyond Bitcoin, and possibly Ethereum, the average person knows very little about the cryptocurrency world, having no idea that there are hundreds of different alternative cryptocurrencies available, and more are being added daily. We are at the start of a cryptocurrency boom that has the potential to change our world dramatically.

Htmlcoin intends to be a major part of this global change. With a committed development team that gave birth to the coin in 2014, Htmlcoin plans to establish itself as a leader in not only global cryptocurrency blockchain transactions, but in utilizing the blockchain network for education and the creation of opportunities for all. Htmlcoin will be for everyone.



Our vision is to see a world that has fully embraced the blockchain. A world where people utilize blockchain technology as freely as they currently do the camera to take a selfie. For this to happen, we believe that human interaction with the blockchain must be revolutionized.

The blockchain must be made easy to use, meaningful, and accessible to everyone, regardless of their country of citizenship or economic means. We plan on providing people with the tools and resources to make this happen. Htmlcoin is about empowering people and creating opportunities. Ultimately, we envision a “humanized” blockchain.



Htmlcoin strives to provide the world with an easy to use, meaningful cryptocurrency and blockchain platform. One that not only provides businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals with a fast and secure environment for the exchange of goods and services, but one that also allows for people to communicate with each other, to increase their levels of education, and to ultimately improve their day-to-day lives. Htmlcoin will be for everyone.