Althash Education: Blockchain Technology Ladderized Certificate Programme 2020

17 May 2020

We are pleased to announce that our online programme in partnership with Africa Blockchain University is expanding! We have students from Africa, Latin America, and South Asia enrolling. These students are learning about the Althash Ecosystem, developing software applications and building blockchain online communities.

There are 3 certification levels designed to gauge the competency skills of the students. The programme has 1 foundation certificate; 5 core certificates; and 6 specialization certificates, in ladderized order. The foundation certificate is a requirement for all core and specialized certification.

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The break down of the Althash Education curriculum is as follows:

A. Foundation Certification:

Blockchain Technology

B. Core Certification:

Blockchain Applications

Blockchain Programming

Blockchain Community Development

Cryptocurrency & Financial Technology

Monetary System

C. Specialized Certification

Blockchain Theory & Practice

Decentralize & Hybrid Applications

Blockchain Software Development

Blockchain Community of Practice

Cryptocurrency Theory & Practice

Monetary Theory & Practice

These certification programmes are designed for learners who do not have a background blockchain technology and related disciplines. It aims to test the current theory and best practices in the field.

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The ladderized programme is designed to achieve the following:

1. Teach the core concepts of blockchain technology.

2. Synthesize best practices of cryptocurrency and financial technology.

3. Evaluate various monetary theories;

4. Analyze use case applications.

5.Create software applications in the blockchain space.

6. Produce relevant methodologies & processes in the digital economy.

This programme was designed during the Covid-19 pandemic by Althash to cater for the learning needs of students all over the world, giving them real time value during the lockdown 2020.

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