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Earn HTML Rewards from 20 Different Android and iPhone App Games

The Htmlcoin Foundation is currently developing 12 amazing mobile games, with 8 more in the pipeline. Each player will be asked to insert their Htmlcoin wallet address at the start of the game as users will be able to earn Htmlcoin by playing these games on their Android or Apple smart-phones.

While these games will initially be available on app stores. If a player still doesn’t have an Htmlcoin wallet, then they can go to and find their best option, being it either mobile (android) or desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) or even our amazing web wallet.

These games include various themes and playing styles, from fast-paced 2D platformer games to educational, strategic & reaction games. For example, we are taking action, adventure, arcade, family, racing, puzzle, simulation, strategy and word games. Players will find the games challenging and will notice a slight increase in difficulty as they progress through each level earning Htmlcoin as they go.

We hope by doing this, we will help you find a game that you are passionate about, which in turn makes it easier for you to earn Htmlcoin.

You play, we pay – There are no ads and there is no mining, just pure game-play. This is just one of the numerous projects we currently have at our ever growing Htmlcoin ecosystem.

Upcoming Althash App Games

Check out some of the upcoming games our app developers are developing. These prerelease apps are currently being designed and tested and have not been released to Android or iOS. To stay current with game updates from Htmlcoin, Sign Up for Our Waiting List.