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01 Jun 2018

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In the first quarter of the year, a Singapore-based store, MegaX introduced an international millennial mall that is one of its own kind. This came following a token sale that ended on the 16th of November 2017, after raising a total of $2.5 million.

In a partnership between two major online giants; MC Payment and iFashion Group, MegaX introduced an online store that mainly targets the young generations. Having been a senior partaker in the retail sector for close to ten years, the mall has had an opportunity of serving more than one million clients all over the world. Those who visit the mall now have an opportunity to access more than 1,500 international brands as well as other 80,000 products.

Among some of the products that are available in this online shopping mall include the latest iPhone X, Google Pixel 2, among a host of some of the best products.

The team has been done all it could to ensure that the shoppers who are mainly the Generation Y enjoy the best shopping experience. By incorporating a brand new layout, the main intention is to give the shoppers the best experience as they pick their items.

To effectively complement the overall customer’s experience with the range of products that it has, MegaXstore has incorporated a special concierge service for any shopper who buys a travel package.

But perhaps the most exciting news about this particular store is the change that has been effected in the methods of payment. Having moved to the much popular blockchain industry, MegaXstore has now picked MegaX tokens (MGX) and the Htmlcoin as some of its main means of virtual currency payments.

The opportunity to carry out business using the Htmlcoin will give this generation; the crypto-savvy young generation, a chance to enjoy a fresh retail phenomenon, at a time when everything appears to be moving towards the cash-less system.

The main vision of the merger between Htmlcoin Foundation and MegaX is to reach a point where these coins will become the virtual currency of choice to the young generation that might want not only to spend and earn but also carry out any kind of transaction.

As one of the most promising retail platforms, MegaX looks forward to clearing the path for some of the emerging retailers so that they can effectively get in touch with the millennials.

A perfect illustration of an evolved virtual currency that has passed all the tests and ready to be used all over the world has to be the freshly introduced Htmlcoin. This is a fresh hybrid coin that has been designed with a blend of a proof-of-a stake, the technology of the Bitcoin Core, and the Virtual Machine of the Ethereum.

By accepting to bring this new virtual currency on board, MegaXstore is working on a plan that would assist the new age virtual currencies and retailers hit the expected market; the generation Y.

As one of the two main currencies that are accepted here, MGX aims to engage with a section of the market consumers and bring them a great revolution in the end. As of now, MegaXstore’s main dedication is to motivate and inspire their clients with creative items that are found in all corners of the globe. With seven stores all across Asia, MegaXstore now provides a myriad of products that include food items, homeware, tech products, travel essentials as well as a number of other products.

The products are categorized in classes such as food, stationery, men & women apparel, lifestyle, and gadgets.

As earlier indicated, Htmlcoin uses a special approach to blend the best of Ethereum and Bitcoin into one awesome offering. Htmlcoin has been transformed into a dynamic coin that has the ability of being utilized across a number of sectors.

About MGX, The Store

MGX is a store for millennials, by millennials. Carefully sourced and personally curated, we offers products that are either truly unique and not to be found elsewhere, as well as tried and true classic items that we cannot live without. Our selection is unique and ever-changing.

MGX is a Singapore owned and operated multi-label store and we have 6 brick-and-mortar stores islandwide.

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