Thursday Talk

Community Announcement

22 Apr 2018

April 20, 2018

Dear Htmlcoin Community,

Several of you have asked us to disclose our agenda of the team’s latest meetings. Below you can find the main points that have been discussed during our last General Meeting.

1. Thursday Talk

Our core team has decided to conduct Thursday Talks twice a month (once every two weeks). We will ask our community supporters to prepare their questions and concerns from a preselected topic before the Thursday Talk schedule. We can either choose a topic or the community can help choose a topic for us. For example, we will monitor our social media platform of possible topics to address. We will post the topic ahead of schedule, and the community can submit their questions to an online form. The questions and answers will not be published until the live event. However, supporters will be informed of the topic beforehand. The community will be able to chat with the team on the Official Htmlcoin Telegram channel while the Thursday Talk is conducted. No impromptu questions will be allowed. There will be a moderator for the Thursday Talk to organize the talking points and to address the most frequently asked questions.

2. Exchange Updates

We have also discussed the latest developments about exchanges. Our CEO, Amando, has assigned tasks to the team members to follow-up with every exchange application that was submitted. We also discussed applying to new exchanges. We will update our community and our exchange webpage ( when we have a confirmed listing date.

3. Organizational Chart

In a couple of days, we will have our team members posted on our website. We recently hired a few more members that will be added in the next few weeks. Notable hire is a new Data Architect that will help us with our current projects. We also hired a new marketing agency that consists of 27 members to support our marketing and design initiatives. Details of the partnership will be updated on the website in a couple of days.

4. Updates of Smart Contracts and Token Creations

A few assignments were assigned to additional team members to help facilitate the progress of the project. It is currently being worked on and we should be able to see the progress.

5. Gaming Platform Development

Another meeting with a newly hired developer is to be scheduled tomorrow to work on the gaming project. The gaming platform serves educational purposes.

6. Plug-in Project

We will be using our partner’s resources to help us complete this project. Our partner has access to developers who will help expedite the development process.

7. Brazilian projects

Our newly hired Data Architect will be helping us with two of our ongoing Brazilian projects, (one of which is Geoblock ; a reforestation process using drones) Two teams are currently working on them. Both teams will be visible on our team page when it is released.

8. Updates in Social Media

After last week, we updated our social media administration and updated our rules. Please welcome Mary as our new admin! We have a new policy regarding banning and unbanning. A new form was released a couple days ago for those who wish to be reinstated as community members in Htmlcoin Telegram. We have also discussed our public social media perception as a team. We will work more diligently in helping Htmlcoin’s public image.

9. Legal Disclaimer and Investment Policy

We once again identify ourselves as a Software Company, and not an ICO or a financial institution in any way. We cannot in any way give any financial advice or speculate about HTML trading price. A new Investment Policy and best practices letter is to be released and will be posted on our website.

10. Our Online Workplace

We have discussed which website and application the team will use to store files and monitor progress of assigned tasks. This is being done to maximize our team’s efficiency, and to record project status. Software recommendations and policies have been made, and will be migrating to a new platform soon.

11. Marketing Agency

As mentioned earlier, a USA based, 27-person digital marketing agency has signed a 3-month partnership contract with the HTMLCOIN Foundation. The partnership’s success will be measured by predefined KPIs (key performance indicators) that must meet or exceed our goals. If goals are met, we will renegotiate our contract for an extension. They will be helping us with social media posts, blogs, increased SEO/SEM rankings, animations, branding, web development and landing pages just to name a few.

12. Partner’s Announcement

Soon, Htmlcoin and one of our partners will release a post on our social media platforms about our partnership.

13. Other Topics

Other topics have been discussed and will update you when we see results. The Htmlcoin Foundation has been determined more than ever before to be as transparent as possible, and to involve all its supporters. We are working harder than ever and are confident the fruits of our labor will come to fruition. From now on, we will share our progress only when you can see results! We should not be judged on the things we cannot control, like Apple rejecting our iOS wallet, but we will deliver on our promises. Now more than ever, we will march together hand in hand with our team, partners, advisors, and community supporters to bring Htmlcoin Foundation to the World!

The Htmlcoin Foundation