Thursday Talk

Community Announcement

14 Apr 2018

Dear Htmlcoin Community,

Our company is not an ICO. We are a blockchain company that is designed to revolutionize the world with probable use-case projects in the works and in the pipeline. The Htmlcoin has been in business for more than 4 years promoting our blockchain technology to developers worldwide. We are committed to our mission and vision as we have always been. Because we are a growing company, Htmlcoin will continue to adapt to meet the ever changing needs of the emerging technology, known as blockchain.

We are in the process of hiring an outside Marketing agency to help manage our social media, marketing, and digital needs. Our foundation realizes our limitations. We will be outsourcing talented people who will be partnering with us from a well-established marketing agency that can help manage our online presence and to identify weaknesses in our marketing strategy. The company we select will assist Htmlcoin Foundation in furthering our brand throughout the world. Htmlcoin will have more resources than ever before and will have a far better global reach!

The Htmlcoin committee members and the CEO, Amando, will be evaluating every member of our core team. Members who do not meet the needs, goals, and culture of the Foundation are free to resign or will be asked to resign from their post. The organizational chart that was released on Thursday was an informal, impromptu org-chart, a draft. But because the community insisted that we release our core team members, we decided to show the identity of the professionals working in the Foundation. It was a way to prove to the community that well-qualified, professionals were indeed working hard to build the Htmlcoin Foundation. The org-chart shows similarly how Htmlcoin has been operating hierarchically as a company. However, the hierarchy is not finalized and has been changing as it continues to change as we adapt to Htmlcoin’s community needs.

As we continue to transition through the restructuring phase, we may limit the amount of time our social media channel is open to protect the best interests of the community and of Htmlcoin Foundation. We hope it does not happen, but a few members and/or former colleagues may try to vent their frustration to the community. We will kindly ask them to stay professional and refrain from posting as we continue to evaluate members. We may also moderate members for disrupting the community. We will ask our loyal community members the best times available for them to attend the social media channel if it is not open 24/7. In time, we may decide to return back to opening our community chat to 24/7 access. But for now, It is simply not feasible to continue to monitor and/or ban people on a 24/7 basis – all the while watching our brand diminish because of a few, unsavory remarks that continues to harm our brand-identity.

All in all, The Htmlcoin leadership team and members would like to thank each and every one of you who have joined us for nearly 4 years. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email Htmlcoin at


Htmlcoin Team