Diversity Is Our Strength!

Diversity Is Our Strength!


Dear Htmlcoin Team,

Good day!

When we launched Htmlcoin in 2014, we envisioned a large global Htmlcoin community. Now, in 2017, we not only have that growing global community, but we have it built upon a foundation of diversity. Diversity is our strength.

I am proud of our community’s diversity and grateful for the dedication of every team member. I am very excited about the speed in which we are moving forward.

Our executives and team players are working hard to make things happen. Our marketing people, in particular, are moving heaven and earth to spread the good news about the many applications of our Htmlcoin blockchain technology.

About to take place in the next few weeks is the long-awaited swap, which also signifies the beginning of the unveiling of the new innovative Htmlcoin blockchain platform. Our community is really beginning to ignite, and the upcoming weeks and months will be an exciting time as our blockchain platform moves into full functionality.

I am inspired by our community’s commitment and dedication, and I have full confidence in what we can accomplish as a strong and cohesive team.

Remember, my door is always open to everyone, and if I can help please let me know. ([email protected]).

Amando R. Boncales, MSED, MA, PhDc.
CEO & Founder

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