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HTMLCOIN's Blockchain Value Will Be Its Smart Contract Based Projects and Its Platform Services

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Htmlcoin is an advanced smart contracting platform, not a Bitcoin clone. The value of the Htmlcoin blockchain will be its smart contract based projects and the services offered on its platform.

The innovative construction of the Htmlcoin blockchain allows for practically every conceivable concept to be realized on its platform. All types and sizes of companies, schools, and communities can develop their ideas and projects on the Htmlcoin platform.

The HTML Blockchain

When developing our blockchain platform, we recognized the importance of Bitcoin and Ethereum to the crypto world, and the world in general. We wanted to build a platform that utilized aspects of both coins, but we also wanted to build a platform that was easy to use and accessible to all. The result is an open source blockchain community that is equally compatible with both Bitcoin and Ethereum that utilizes decentralized mobile applications.

The Html Blockchain is a hybrid of Bitcoin and Ethereum. It utilizes the UTXO model of blockchain infrastructure but with modifications that make it uniquely the Htmlcoin blockchain.

The Htmlcoin blockchain platform focuses on the practical applications of smart contracts. It introduces oracle, data feeds, and an identity module from third parties to fulfill the compliance requirements of traditional internet enterprises. It also focuses on decentralized application development. Htmlcoin strives to provide a great number of decentralized applications that can be used in numerous settings by both businesses and individuals.

Compatible With UTXO and Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM)

The Htmlcoin blockchain uses the UTXO model to ensure the consistency of transactions and the traceability of tokens. It allows all smart contracts developed for Ethereum to also function and operate on the Htmlcoin blockchain. Furthermore, the UXTO model on the Htmlcoin blockchain combines the advantages of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, solving the problem of Bitcoin and Ethereum incompatibility. Bitcoin and Ethereum can simultaneously exist on the Htmlcoin blockchain platform. One could say that the Htmlcoin blockchain network allows Bitcoin and Ethereum to “talk to each other.”

Contract Ledger

In the Htmlcoin blockchain, the contract ledger stores all smart contract content in a readable format. It allows users to download the code and contracts in a peer-to-peer network based on their own interests. The contract ledger provides transparency, readability, and auditability.


Data feeds – Data feeds represent the data obtained from off-chain sources (currency exchange rates, GDP, the temperature of a city, competition results, etc.), which are inputted into the blockchain to execute smart contracts or decentralized applications. For example, if the room temperature were to drop to 10 degrees Celsius, the air conditioner would switch to “heating mode.” In this case, the temperature data from the thermometer can be considered as a data feed, which is obtained off-chain (i.e., realworld).

Oracle – In the Htmlcoin blockchain, the oracle can represent a specific trusted organization, an entity, a node, or a public key address. When there are multiple data resources for a data input, the oracle selects the most suitable data resource based on a predefined rule.

Master Contract – In the Ethereum network, only data obtained on the blockchain can be used as a trigger to execute the smart contract. However, in the Htmlcoin blockchain, offchain factors can also be the trigger. These are what we call “Master Contracts” and they constitute one of the most versatile and user-friendly aspects of the Htmlcoin blockchain network.



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