Htmlcoin’s objective is to present a blockchain platform that is accessible to everyone, including those who have little to no knowledge about blockchain technology. Our vision is to see a world in which people have embraced, and are utilizing the blockchain technology as freely as they currently do with their cameras to take a selfie. Through developing and supporting the development of innovative products, we hope to provide the tools and resources to make that happen.

Htmlcoin has thus far lived up to its mission statement. There are ongoing projects that are fueling the prospect of HTMLCoin becoming not just a household name, but one that provides solutions to real life issues cutting across the socio-political, welfare, economic, and entertainment spheres of human existence.

The Althash Web Platform (AWP), on the of the Suites that we are developing already, has four active Decentralized Applications to interact with, with more on the way. Being that it is a new feature to our blockchain people may not know how or to what reason to interact with these decentralized applications. Therefore, we would like to provide the following information regarding the use cases and the ways to interact with these current DApps. The current DApps available to interact with are MyOffSpring, TokenFarm, AltProof, and CrypticMag.