Thursday Talk

Happy New Year 2018!

01 Jan 2018

Dear Htmlcoin Community,

With 2017 coming to a close, I wanted to take a moment to send out a special message to our entire community.

As I reflect upon this past year, I look at all the challenges we faced and overcame. When problems arose, we banded together and tirelessly sought out solutions that not only solved the problems at hand, but made both Htmlcoin and our community stronger. We adapted and moved forward, beating all odds along the way. We persevered.

Since our launch in early 2014, we have evolved from a basic cryptocurrency to a blockchain platform with the ability to handle smart contracts, Dapps, and much more. Our evolution from a singular cryptocurrency focus to that of a multi-faceted blockchain community has been deliberate as we strive to be responsive and relevant to the current state of the new global blockchain phenomenon.

Now, as I look toward 2018, I believe that we will emerge as a leader in this new competitive cryptocurrency and blockchain world economy. Why?–because of our amazing community and our ability to adapt. Anyone can launch a cryptocurrency, but not everyone has the positive and unflinching massive community support that we have, not to mention the dedicated professionals from all sectors of the cyrptocurrency and business space that are committed to developing and promoting our coin and blockchain worldwide. We are poised to make a difference!

So, as we all move forward this next year, let’s have a look at where we have been and how much we have accomplished. Let’s revel in what we have overcome and allow ourselves a pat on our own backs. But more than anything, let’s allow ourselves to become excited with what we, as a community, have built and the potentials we have created. Hard work is still ahead of us, but it will be exciting and the possibilities are endless. The Htmlcoin community is a special one, and together, we will do special things in 2018. Here’s to exciting times ahead!

Happy New Year to all!

All the best,

Amando Boncales, BA, MSEd, MA, PhDc.
Chief Executive Officer
Htmlcoin Foundation
Chicago, IL 60601