Thursday Talk June 21, 2018

HTML Bunker: the first brokerage in the world, totally dedicated to Htmlcoin

05 Jun 2018

Htmlcoin Foundation, Chicago, IL. June 5, 2018.

One of the institutional regions where the trading of virtual currencies has continued to witness a growing demand in the South American region is Brazil. A new crypto brokerage service that is known as HTML Bunker is the latest to have come from this region. This new brokerage service is the first brokerage in the world, totally dedicated to Htmlcoin. With 20 different trade mark pairs, HTML Bunker arises from the concept and need to add strength to the Htmlcoin community.

As part of the breakthrough, 20 of the top pairs of currently selected cryptocurrencies will be available in HTML Bunker’s portfolio. These assets have high potential, qualified teams and proposals for great solutions, among them: Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Verge, Litecoin, Decred, Mono, Dash, Qtum, Cardano, Iota, Komodo, Tron, Golem, EOS, Ethereum, Neo, USD Tether and Doge just to name a few.

The introduction of HTML Bunker is a true reflection of the current trend in this market as well as the increasing demand for these services. HTMLCoin Foundation appears to be much dedicated to the customer interaction, appreciation of currency as well as a dire need for developing various projects together.

The exchange comes to highlight, support and serve as the basis for those who have always been loyal to the currency. Literally a “bunker”. HTML Bunker, as the name suggests, is more like a bank that only accepts the US Dollar as their preferred trading currency.

Just as emerging technologies continue to give the international financial market a new shape, HTMLCoin Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that their operations are entirely evolved. This is the only way they would be able to address the needs of their customers in both traditional and non-traditional operating spaces.

The new HTML Bunker is expected to change how various consumers have been viewing Htmlcoin and even help in attracting other new users. This would include offering its clients a more advanced and improved brokerage service. The main idea behind the creation of this crypto exchange platform is to support and work as the main basis for those who have used the services of the currency for the longest time. As part of the settlement and payment system, this new brokerage for cryptocurrency is planning to come up with various banking services. Once this new digital coin brokerage has been launched, there are a number of proprieties based virtual coin benchmarks that would also be introduced.

As a way of realizing this dream, the main stakeholders in this project will personalize the data streams from the broker volumes of OTC and a number of top-ranking cryptocurrency exchanges.

Following the trend of the “Token Based Exchanges”, ex. Binance and the BNB token, in the purchase of the Token HTMLBunker (BUNK Acronym), investors will be able to access exclusive content: trading bots, arbitrage signals among peers, shoutbox, market analysis and priority support, as well as obtaining 50% discount on deposit, withdrawal and trade fees.

Another reason that supports its creation is to attract the attention of these investors of the other pairs to our currency and to meet the demand of currencies that the DApps in use in Brazil will demand. It is necessary that we have an exchange approved by the Foundation and supporting it in all positive actions.

According to Html Bunker’s White Paper, their objective is to build a true “Bunker” of holders, supporters and large investors. To further increase our strength, the broker will have constant and direct communication with the HTMLCoin Foundation to foster HTMLCoin Blockchain development-related events and practices among members.

The fact that HTML Bunker would be using the new hybrid blockchain, Htlmcoin appears to have solved a huge issue in this market of the blockchain. This signifies the creation of a major bridge that would link the normal financial market and cryptocurrency market.

HTML Bunker is forecast to air in 60 days.

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