Thursday Talk

HTML5 Coin Swap

02 Jan 2018

If you are a technical guy please take note, otherwise join us in Telegram:

A) Htmlcoin Wallet Update – : Optional.


This update adds a contract address book, fixed mining without peers and the mine to address command.

B) Application Programming Interface – API available now.

API link

Manual: Github link

-A software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.

C) If your coins are in Yobit Exchange or in your old HTML5 wallet you are required to swap it here:

Swap schedules are here:

Days 1-60 (18th Dec 2017 to 12th Feb 2018) Ratio 1:1

Days 61-90 (13th Feb 2018 to 12th Mar 2018) Ratio 1:2

Days 91-105 (13th Mar 2018 to 27th Mar 2018) Ratio 1:3

Days 106 (28th Mar 2018) End of Swap

Our only authorized Bitcointalk Thread, kindly follow us here:

Click here#html5swap