HTMLCOIN Community Statement

04 Mar 2018
Forward, Together, Forward!
Dear HTMLCOIN Community,
Our community is just like any other community — differences exist. In our case, it’s the organizational differences.
This is normal and something we should all embrace. However, we should not allow our differences to be a stumbling block in achieving our goal in developing our HTML blockchain as a community.
Our community is strong because we are diverse and composed of different people around the world, which makes us one big family.

Mission Statement

As of now, nothing has changed in our Mission and Vision as stated in our White Paper. Our team will continue to develop our projects as stated in the White Paper. In fact, as part of our restructuring and reorganization, it is integral that we invite more experts in software development to finish the stated projects as reflected in our roadmaps and pipelines.
This restructuring and reorganization is a phase every organization can’t shy away from. It should be seen positively because this will enable us to recruit more talented individuals around the globe to help us develop our software offerings. Remember, the Htmlcoin is just one of the many products that we are developing now. We will continue to develop more products in our blockchain. We encourage outside developers to create new tools and projects that will benefit our community. To do this, we will set aside a budget to help encourage talented developers to join our community.

Social Media Management

The recent chaos has been caused by negative misinformation which resulted in fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) among our community members. To mitigate this, we will continue to monitor our social media outlets and make reasonable adjustments necessary to make sure it will not create unnecessary anxiety for future and current community members.

Coingather Funds

The forking of CoinGather was in line in with the fiduciary spirit. The CoinGather funds will be handed to a 3rd party entity to secure the coins in the near future. This has caused many controversies. One of the concerns is that it creates an extra supply. But this is not the case because the old wallet sent to CoinGather is frozen and cannot be spent. Hence, not able to enter into circulation. In essence, nothing was added.Another concern is that our blockchain was compromised because of the forking. Nothing has been compromised so far as Peter Bushnell, our Executive Vice-President for Technology can attest.

The Global Family

Once an Htmlcoin member, always an Htmlcoin member. That being said, we are a global family. Yes, differences will exist in such a large and global community as ours. But, in reality, it is our diversity that actually makes us stronger! We should respect our diversity and celebrate it! For now, the most important thing to do is to regroup and move together as a strong and unified Htmlcoin community.
In the past week, there have been some exchanging of words among the teams that should not have happened publicly. We are all humans and prone to errors. Emotions were involved and feelings were hurt. This is part of our human experience and things such as this need to be handled privately within the team. Such negative and public exchanging of communication differences have the potential to shake the very core of our community. I am personally disappointed for what happened, especially all the unnecessary fear, anxiety, and stress caused to the community.
I would like to make a reconciliatory statement among teams, that is — As an Htmlcoin community, we need to regroup and pick up the pieces together. To do this, we will collaborate to find common ground. By moving forward, we will have to burn old bridges and build newer and better ones.
I ask our community members to reach out to us ( and to ask what they can do to help heal the community. By becoming proactive members, we will recover from this brief setback more quickly. The community’s support is an integral part of the solution. Healing will create momentum for a more positive future in the community.

Healing Process

To start the healing process, we will implement some changes to how we do things as a community. That is the way we hire new talents, appropriating funds for projects, and project management.
As part of the rebuilding process, Simon Telfer is rejoining the team as Technical Advisor for Technology and Business Development. He will help formulate Technology and Business strategies in the community. Ilir Tahiri is also joining, he is a veteran in the community and will help with project management. Antony is also joining the marketing team to help create more responsive content. We will hire more people and will seek professional help in finding the best talents to join us. From this day forward, everyone that is hired will be introduced formally to the community and the community will get a chance to meet and know them.
Another equally important matter is that we will publicize our projects, including the ones in the roadmaps and timelines for community members to prioritize. After we, as a community decide what projects we will undertake, we will then start promoting them throughout the community. We have several project developers wanting to develop in our blockchain, waiting for the team’s approval.
Developers seeking to develop in our blockchain and in our community will then present their project to the community for comments. We will also include projected budgets for transparency.

Ongoing Initiatives

HTML will not be deviating from their existing plans to launch a new website, a mobile IOS and Android wallet and being listed on more and larger exchanges. We are being listed on HITBTC, Kucoin, and others that will be announced when further details are available. Anyone advertising otherwise is not privy to the inner workings of our organizations and is purely sharing speculation.


The POMA team is also doing a wonderful job in developing the POMA software package. We are allocating a budget for this, together with the new talents joining us to help it develop more. This will make our community even stronger and bigger in its software offerings.
I would like to thank POMA team members for their hard work. I am disappointed to see some of our members leave the HTMLCOIN team — new talents are joining the team which will enable us to add more products and services, develop the potential of our blockchain technology and focuses on what is best for the community.
Forward, Together, Forward!
Amando Boncales, BA, MSEd, MA, PhDc.