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Htmlcoin: Inclusive and Empowering to People!

24 Aug 2017

From the Author:

I would like to personally thank The HTMLCoin Foundation for allowing me the opportunity to write this article about Christopher DiSanto. For the record – I am, myself, a disabled person. Through my own challenges and struggles I have come to the realization that we all have our own personal hardships that are unique to our own state of being. I do not know Christopher personally. However, I believe him to be noteworthy.

Coming from a background of financial hardship, Christopher – though faced with homelessness – was able to accomplish his goals as a Content Creator, and Graphic Designer. He credits Satoshi Nakamoto – creator(s) of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency – for the inspiration behind his success.

Being a cryptocurrency for the underdog, HTMLCoin has built a vibrant community of members like Christopher whose hearts blaze with passion for humanity and the desire to raise the quality of life for the entire human experience.

Christopher DiSanto

Christopher has always been one to step up and help out his community. Disenchanted by the progress of traditional finances and politics, he decided that cryptocurrencies like HTMLCoin might be the ideal way to help others achieve economic vitality. Moved by the financial struggles of smaller countries and those with low incomes, Christopher sought to make a difference in the emerging blockchain industry by focusing on underrepresented populations.

Christopher made a personal goal to go back to school to develop skills and hone his technical abilities to better support projects like HTMLCoin . While attending university, Christopher’s tireless quest for and consumption of knowledge built a strong fundamental and foundational knowledge of cryptocurrencies. That educational investment increased Christopher’s ability to succeed in a tough space and enjoy a promising retirement with a significant portfolio of crypto investments.

How will your passion unlock the next great movement and success story in the crypto universe?

The Interview:

Would you tell us a little about your background?

Well, there’s a bunch to say, but nothing really noteworthy. [I] Have been a hobbyist content creator for many years. [I] Got started in 1994 with Microsoft Paint, and have been doing graphic design on-and-off for over twenty years. [I] Spent some time being homeless in 2011, and have pulled myself up from a broken cellphone on free WIFI at McDonald’s to a basic and humble existence. The blockchain is what has given my life purpose, and I owe everything to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Has your previous work helped spark your interest in cryptocurrency?

It has been the opposite for me; blockchain started a personal quest. In the past, I never cared about finance or geopolitics, but after experiencing blockchains rise to power- my eyes have been opened to the macrocosm of the global digital economy. After witnessing the moral decay in the mercantile system, and the blatant disregard for basic human rights- it drove me to learn more. My desire is to influence the emerging blockchain industry.

When was the, “ah-ha,” moment for you?

There was a time when cryptocurrency faucets were popular. Every coin had them, and you could just get free coins out. Once you understood the basics of supply and demand & the way that markets move- you could invest this free coin with little to no worry of personal loss. During this time of plenty, many altcoins were hitting the markets, and sometimes you could acquire billions of coins for a handful of pocket change. Exchanges at this time would run ‘tipbots’, and we would do ‘coin rains.’ Large groups of people with massive amounts of coins would tip in the exchange’s chatbox (commonly referred to as a ‘trollbox’.)

During this time, a fellow blockchain developer from South America made a comment that he had received a 0.025 bitcoin tip. At the time, Bitcoin was lower in price, and the tip value equaled less than Forty dollars USD. The developer expressed his extreme gratitude for the tip, and stated that ‘in his homeland, the average monthly income was roughly Twenty-eight to Thirty dollars USD.’

From this point on; I understood that blockchain had already changed the world.

How do you think Crypto-currency will benefit people?

Cryptocurrency is a double-edged sword or a catch-22 situation. We are witnessing the creation and realization of an entirely new asset-class. The technology is reshuffling the power structure of the world while the central banks plan their next move. We have seen some great innovations in blockchain technology with the rise of ‘Proof of Stake (PoS)’ and ‘Decentralized Blockchain Applications (DApps)’. With the advent of ‘IoT’ (internet of things) and mesh networks, anyone could eventually create their own decentralized, autonomous financial system. This upcoming point in human history will likely change the way everyone does business in the future. Technology is ever-changing and we (You and I) have the ability to influence it.

Which potential uses of HTMLCoin do you find most inspiring?

The HTMLCoin development team has always been a multicultural and diverse environment. The world isn’t constrained by culture, race or creed on the internet, and your ability and knowledge are what brings like-minded people together. We’ve fed people on the other side of the globe with HTMLCoin tips and faucets. People, Technology, and Philanthropy… when this all culminates with a positive group of individuals…greatness can happen. HTMLCoin has been the vehicle that has given people like me a chance to better themselves and learn more about the underlying technology in the process.

How might HTMLCoin change people’s lives? Has it impacted you in any way?

This project has boosted my creative ability in ways that few could understand. It challenged me to go back to school and learn more about the topics that interested me. The time has also been spent developing my professional ability & self-confidence. The HTMLCoin team has always been a supportive place where you can learn about blockchain technology, and we are always looking for people that want to get involved. ‘Fortune Favors the Bold.’

How’s the community? do you know anyone where you live that knows of it, or is interested to use it?

Living near a University makes it easier to find like-minded individuals, but cryptocurrency is still in its infancy so many simply do not understand the technology. With each major swing in the price of Bitcoin, more and more people enter the sector. Naturally, you tend to meet people in your daily life that know what bitcoin is or may have just heard about it. The public is highly impressionable, and many still need to learn the basics. Most people only see or read about the [major] events that occur- Mt. Gox, The DAO hack, Silk Road, BTC-e and – most recently – Bitcoin breaking the four-thousand-dollar price mark. So, regarding cryptocurrency, people are naturally becoming curious, and education in a supportive environment is increasingly sought after. It’s up to us to share what we’ve learned and let HTMLCoin be the cornerstone that gives users a foundation to build on.

Source: Christopher DiSanto