Thursday Talk August 30, 2018

HTMLCOIN Plans Turnkey Payment Processing, Joins Kucoin, FatBTC, More Exchanges

06 Feb 2018

After announcing P.O.M.A and a partnership with Titanium Blockchain, HTMLCOIN plans to add turnkey payment processing for all stores to use HTML currency and gets listed on more popular exchanges.

HTMLCOIN.Business, a leading hybrid blockchain, has announced the development of a turnkey solution for using HTMLCoin cryptocurrency ($HTML) as a payment processing gateway for handling financial transactions for, not just their P.O.M.A (Proof of Mass Adoption) Project, but for all websites and stores online. It appears this turnkey payment solution follows the natural progression from reports of HTMLCOIN being used by businesses in the United States, Europe, and South America for payment of goods, services, and employees.

A recent Reddit article entitled “HTMLCOIN is My Future Payment Method to Pay Salaries to My Employees” recounts a German business owner using HTMLCOIN to pay employed software and design specialists located throughout Europe.

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