Investment Policy

investment policy

This policy applies to all Core Team members, extended team members, employees, contributors, volunteers, affiliates and any other participants. (“Covered Individuals”) of HTMLCOIN, LLC, the HTMLCOIN team, and any other businesses or entities in the HTMLCOIN network (“the HTMLCOIN Organizations”).


HTMLCOIN, LLC is a software development organization that has deployed a blockchain project, the Althash Blockchain, with a cryptographically-secured currency called HTML.

The HTMLCOIN Foundation is a philanthropic entity, whose mission is to advance community interests. No ownership or equity interest in the HTMLCOIN Organizations has ever been publicly offered, nor have any equity or security investments in the HTMLCOIN Organizations ever been publicly solicited. HTML, the currency associated with the HTMLCOIN blockchain, is not a security or equity interest in the HTMLCOIN Organizations or any other business or organization. 

The HTMLCOIN Organizations have never, and will never, publicly offer for sale an equity or ownership interest in HTMLCOIN, LLC, the HTMLCOIN team, or any other businesses or entities associated with the HTMLCOIN Organizations. Individuals who purchase HTML, the currency, are not “investing” in the HTMLCOIN Organizations, and trading any goods, services, assets, or securities for HTML on public exchanges does not in any way enrich or inure to the benefit of the HTMLCOIN Organizations. HTMLCOIN partners which would be using the Althash Blockchain may or maybe not be termed as securities based on their use case, HTMLCOIN in no way takes any responsibility and strongly advises the investors to do independent research before investing in any of those tokens/coins.


It is the policy of the HTMLCOIN Organizations that no Covered Individuals take any actions or make any statements in any medium that may be interpreted as:

1. A solicitation for “investment” in HTML, the currency;

2. An endorsement of purchasing or exchanging for HTML, the currency;

3. Speculation on the future price or value of HTML, the currency; or

4. A suggestion, implicit or explicit, that the exchange value of HTML, the currency, will increase in the future or that the value of HTML, the currency, will increase as a result of the HTMLCOIN Organizations’ actions.

Examples of the above include, but are not limited to:

1. Suggesting anyone purchase HTML, the currency;

2. Posting on social media or through any other medium anything that could be interpreted as

suggesting HTML, the currency, is an investment opportunity, traditional or otherwise;

3. Making statements about the current, past, or future exchange/trading value of HTML, the currency;

4. Implying that the value of HTML, the currency, is affected by any factors outside of the market economy and non-Covered Individuals’ personal valuation of HTML, the currency; and

5. Making any statement or giving any recommendation, implicit or explicit, that could be reasonably be interpreted as suggesting how, when, where, or why an individual should or should not purchase or exchange for HTML, the currency.

Any violation of this policy, in the sole discretion of the HTMLCOIN Core Team, will result in the immediate and permanent termination of any relationship between the Covered Individual and the HTMLCOIN Organizations.

In light of the current developments with regard to Crypto currencies and Securities laws. Some key pointers that needs to be highlighted are: –

1. The currencies can be securities at the time of issuing of their tokens and can become non-security over the period of time depending upon the level of decentralization and HTMLCOIN has always strived to achieving that level of decentralization and keep moving forward in this direction.

2. The HTMLCOIN is a blockchain company and will always maintain the same nature and investors are advised to make independent, researched decision about investing in HTMLCOIN, the currency.

This policy should not be interpreted in any way to prevent a SEC Registered Investment Adviser or other licensed or registered investment professional from rendering their professional opinion or endorsement when that opinion or endorsement is issued with the qualifiers that

 1) it is not an official opinion or endorsement from the HTMLCOIN Organizations and 

2) that the opinion or endorsement is issued strictly in the professional’s individual or professional capacity and not under color of their affiliation with the HTMLCOIN Organization.