Thursday Talk

IoT on Htmlcoin Blockchain

30 Jul 2020

Using IoT on HTMLCoin Blockchain

IoT (Internet of Things or Internet of Things) is one of the most innovative technologies of recent times. It allows access to monitoring data, whether commercial, industrial and environmental, machine control, devices, interconnected sensors, all remotely. The HTMLCoin team has been working effectively to create market solutions that can integrate the HTML Blockchain with the Internet of Things. We have a huge demand in the areas of agriculture, especially with drones, work safety, mining engineering, in addition to monitoring and preserving environmental areas in Brazil. We lacked an environment where hardware developers and members of our community had access to all of this, in a friendly and easy to understand interface for the layman.

Today we’re launching Althash’s newest project, the IoT HTMLCoin Node Infrastructure, an HTMLCoin node that can be integrated with Arm devices like the Raspberry Pi and will allow you to create IoT solutions that record real-time monitoring data on Blockchain. You saw it being born back there when we started the first tests with the IoT interface and Drones. Sometimes some ideas take longer than expected to occur, but we always move forward with our biggest dreams and we are taking increasingly broad steps. The possibilities are endless, join us in this revolution. Bring your ideas, come to develop IoT and Blockchain with us.


Our next steps in the next days:


User Interface Development

Integration with Sensors and Actuators

Graphical interface development by HDMI for Kiosk mode

Integration with arduino and esp8266 / esp32 devices

Authentication integration with security providers

Development of integration API with existing systems