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Updates from Htmlcoin and KuCoin Exchange

03 Apr 2018

Dear HTMLCOIN Community,

We are proud to have a substantially large and supportive global community in our journey to become one of the top performing blockchain cryptocurrencies in the world.

We have asked a lot from our loyal community members. Without your support, we would not be where we’re at today. Among those things we asked you to be of assistance with is getting us listed in KuCoin. As you know, KuCoin often holds a vote for your coin competition. On February 2nd, we were voted as the top two coins to be listed on their exchange.

Upon being voted in and having received a formal agreement from KuCoin, our developers went through the proper steps to get listed on their exchange. We were promised to get listed in one to two months as we have often stated. Please click here ( to see the statement on their Twitter site.

For the past few months we have been anxiously waiting to be listed on The People’s Exchange, KuCoin. Time after time, they have told us that they were having difficulty implementing our coin on their exchange. We believed them.

Just recently, KuCoin informed us that they wanted 100 BTC, almost $1 million dollars’ worth of BTC, to get listed on their exchange. HTMLCOIN works on a tight budget and our Budget committee did not expect this to happen. At this point in time, we don’t plan to pay the switch and bait payment required by KuCoin to get us listed.

As a result of this minor setback, our team has hashed out a contingency plan that will far outweigh the benefits KuCoin would have afforded us at a much cheaper rate. Tomorrow we will be working to develop relationships with:

The KuCoin bait and switch fiasco is a minor setback. KuCoin is one of many exchanges we have already applied for and are waiting to receive confirmation. There will be many more exchanges where we will be listed. HitBTC is one such example.


The HTMLCOIN Foundation