Legal Opinion

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The Compliance of HTMLCOIN with Securities Laws and Regulations All materials in this document is prepared in order to legally assess that HTMLCOIN would be considered as “Security” as defined by Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States of America, here we have made every possible effort to analyze the legal aspects of the token which would in our opinion fall in either of the category i.e a security and hence coming under the purview of SEC and if it doesn’t it would be a Non-Security making it outside of the purview of SEC, the opinion hereby expressed is based on subjective interpretation of the factors which are important to decide the nature of token as a security. HTMLCOIN can download, print, use this document for non-commercial use. HTMLCOIN in securities law framework would be tagged as a Protocol Token as it would provide access to the ecosystem, for developers it would serve a different purpose and for normal it contains various facets of which a user can take advantage of, They are not designed as an investment nor should anyone interpret or invest keeping in mind the same, The HTMLCOIN serve this limited yet much important function and hence can only be termed as Protocol Token and not a Security as per existing Securities Law Framework As more fully set forth in the component parts of this document, the document does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied on by any person.