Cole D. Garrett

Cole Garrett

Senior Executive Legal Counsel

Senior Executive
Legal Counsel

Illinois-licensed attorney (active, in good standing as of 2017), mechanical engineer, and blockchain, cryptography, and cybersecurity geek to the core. Experienced policy and compliance adviser, skilled in navigating complex contracts and regulatory frameworks. Professional Scrum Master (PSM I), proficient in the application of Lean Six Sigma and agile methodologies in both engineering and legal collaborative environments.

In my role as legal counsel to the HTMLCOIN Foundation, I am dedicated to upholding the absolute integrity of the organization. I serve the Foundation Board, the Executive Team, and, ultimately, the HTMLCOIN community at large by analyzing and evaluating legal risk and demanding rigorous legal compliance in this nascent domain. As a blockchain evangelist and member of the legal community, I work to preserve HTMLCOIN and its partners' reputations as ethical and principled entities.

Senior Executive Legal Counsel