Official Announcement: Blockchain Release and Swapping Process Update.

Official Announcement: Blockchain Release and Swapping Process Update.

Dear HTMLCOIN holders,

RE: Official Announcement: Blockchain Release and Swapping Process Update.

With pride, we announce important updates regarding the HTMLCOIN swapping process and the strengthening of our team.

As we have previously discussed, we have a number of early adopter partners who are developing their projects based on the HTMLCOIN blockchain, and over the last few days we have held a number of meetings with them which have resulted in some exciting new developments.

In short, we have agreed to collaborate with our partners developer teams to help us with the  the delivery of a FULLY FEATURED PHASE 2 Smart Contracting platform earlier than originally planned December 17, 2017.

For us, the most important considerations in our decisions for this have always been:

1) The stability and security of the currency

2) A satisfied, engaged, and inclusive community

3) A blockchain with real world applications

During our discussions it became clear that once all the developer features of our blockchain platform are available, our partners will be able to establish an early market advantage, something which is critical in the tech industry we are engaging with.  We cannot deny them this, and have taken the decision to accept their help, re-plan and accelerate to a full feature delivery with a complete smart contracting platform before November 20, 2017.

By completing the delivery and  swap within this time frame, we believe our partners will be able to finalize and bring forward announcements regarding their own white papers, funding activities, and pre-sales.

This is a great leap forward for us all, enabling the original plan of a 2-speed 160 day swap to move to a  complete full-featured platform within the next 40 days, including wallets, explorer’s, developer tools, EVM capabilities and other ancillaries! We hope this news leaves you as excited as it does us!

Our own developers are now working across the larger team of our new partners, and in response to your request for more visibility we will present progress updates on our GITHUB site with regular Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, video updates with the team and more devs across social media sites.

What we are doing is groundbreaking for a community project, and committing to a swap dates has always been a challenge.  You have heard Simon discussing the technical challenges on our FB Live and on Telegram, we believe sharing the schedule and progress on GITHUB as we move forward will give you the opportunity to see the swap date approaching and make your own decisions as an individual and with your community and friends.

We are positively surprised by all the help that has been offered to us and are looking forward to the future with great excitement. We want to add that none of this would have been possible without all the wonderful contributions from you, our community. Keep the positive energy flowing and share it with others. Ahead of us is a bright future where we will be able to admire what we have all created.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We would be happy to hear from you. And if you would like to contribute to the project, then we encourage you to sign up as a volunteer via [email protected]

We are listening!

All the best!

HTMLCOIN Core team


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