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Our Exciting 2020 RoadMap

01 May 2020

Htmlcoin celebrates its 6 years of presence on the crypto scene with a huge redesign and modernization project.

This project is to encompass all the visual presence of Htmlcoin, the organizational structure and new product launches in the market that were in the development phase over recent years.


We announce with huge satisfaction the recent hiring of a multidisciplinary team with vast experience in technology and markets, in addition to already having a long-standing relationship with the Htmlcoin Foundation, its history and product development on Althash.

This team, commanded by our, Vice President of innovation and technology, Marcio Gandra, will be actively working for the next few months on our 2020 Roadmap which includes multiple websites, dapps, mobile wallets, a new block explorer, documentation in addition to blockchain products!

We consider this an important milestone in our history, this event marks a new phase of maturity, stability and growth.

We thank the international and local communities for the continuous support and confidence in Htmlcoin.

Althash and Htmlcoin are driven to provide a great value proposition for everyone by providing real solutions that impact the quality of people’s lives.

Join us on this journey of evolution.