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Dear Community Members, Its here: MANDATORY UPGRADE Updated release of HTMLCOIN 2.0 to include a correction of the eHRC difficulty adjust, PoS and PoW are calculated separately when calculating one blocks from the other are skipped, the iterator that counts the number of blocks sampled was incremented even when blocks of the wrong type were skipped causing unexpected problems in the wild. This release fixes this issue at block height 7,700, make sure you have upgraded before then. If you used the Windows [...]



Dear Htmlcoiners, Good Morning from Chicago! Today, the 20th of November, the “HTMLCOIN will be swapping to the new HTMLCOIN blockchain platform. The symbol will change from “HTML5” to “HTML” The new platform brings the project up to date with a full feature modern blockchain: Details on the new platform and project are included in our whitepaper at These are the added and enhanced Roadmap Features of the Platform include: 1. Uses both the Bitcoin core (0.14) and Ether Client (CPP) codebase allowing Ether [...]


Diversity Is Our Strength!

  Dear Htmlcoin Team, Good day! When we launched Htmlcoin in 2014, we envisioned a large global Htmlcoin community. Now, in 2017, we not only have that growing global community, but we have it built upon a foundation of diversity. Diversity is our strength. I am proud of our community’s diversity and grateful for the dedication of every team member. I am very excited about the speed in which we are moving forward. Our executives and team players are working hard to make things [...]


Official Announcement: Blockchain Release and Swapping Process Update.

Dear HTMLCOIN holders, RE: Official Announcement: Blockchain Release and Swapping Process Update. With pride, we announce important updates regarding the HTMLCOIN swapping process and the strengthening of our team. As we have previously discussed, we have a number of early adopter partners who are developing their projects based on the HTMLCOIN blockchain, and over the last few days we have held a number of meetings with them which have resulted in some exciting new developments. In short, we have agreed to collaborate with our [...]


Online & Technical Support Team

Dear Htmlcoiners, RE: Online & Technical Support Team As we prepare for the swapping we will be hiring on the following talent: Block Explorer – Technical Support Specialist API – Technical Support Specialist Website – Technical Support Specialist Lite Wallet -Technical Support Specialist QT Wallet -Technical Support Specialist Android Wallet -Technical Support Specialist IOS Wallet -Technical Support Specialist Online Wallet -Technical Support Specialist Pools -Technical Support Specialist Ports -Technical Support Specialist Nodes -Technical Support Specialist Github -Technical Support Specialist Kindly submit your application at “[email protected]” The applicant must sign the voluntary form and the NDA. We [...]