Thursday Talk

Project POMA

02 Jan 2018

Before launching the HTMLCOIN “POMA” project, members of the core development team identified a few facts that were not disclosed about their goal in the comprehensive adoption of the HTMLCOIN (the comprehensive accreditation manual and the POMA symbol) through their integrated system platform .

What is the POMA Project?

The HTMLCOIN currency platform is an interactive online platform consisting of businesses, freelancers, cultures, and natural content. The platform has a digital online business directory with fast access to the most relevant data about almost all companies around the world. This highly innovative platform will also begin testing its beta version in the first quarter of 2018 and will be launched with many projects by the core development team at HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS

Why is the POMA project used for companies?

The platform offers an online exhibition for each company and for each self-employed person as well, so they can start promoting their products or services by making their company more visible in a unique way to potential customers around the world. Payments will be available through the HTMLCOIN currency and official currency (via PayPal, Visa or MasterCard). With these small businesses and self-employed sites, they will be able to offer their products or services in a new way that increases the visibility of these products and services to ideal customers. In addition, all profile pages are configured for major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The platform system was built using high-tech applications such as the capabilities offered by Google and Web 3.0 technologies such as:

Why is the POMA project used by ordinary people?

Companies and freelancers can pay (using HTMLCOIN digital currency) and reward creative writers who write useful articles about the company’s products and services. People from all over the world can join them and make money. So that anyone can write something useful about the company, service or product provided by the company and get the reward. To make the book as easy as possible, the platform provides them with training (through the e platform) to become experts in content creation, marketing, search engine positioning, banner and video creation, and much more.

In addition, each author can use his own URL in his articles, so each time a company sells a product or service through the title of the author’s link, it earns a commission as a result. Thus, a well written article can generate countless visits and commissions until the time expires. People from anywhere in the world can join the promotion team in the platform and make money. The basic development team was quoted as saying:

“The most powerful feature is that the entire platform in the platform is based on user-created content, so it will grow automatically. The platform also has many great tools such as publisher and automatic sharing on social networking sites and much more. ”

Origin of the POMA project

The idea behind the HTMLCOIN platform was created when developers created many successful online platforms, some of which were nominated for internationally recognized innovation awards. In addition, these platforms work closely with local governments, universities and companies, but the best elements have been integrated into them to provide a new platform for Blocchin. The concept was based on 4-year development with a small experienced team working on it. Innovative thinking behind this concept has been formed by expert people in almost every business area. And with the platform moving fast towards launch, it proves that solutions to problems around the world can be realized by a small specialized group.

In early 2017, the core developers of the new blockbuster platform joined HTMLCOIN and began to transform HTMLCOIN into higher levels of innovation. Their first innovation is the creation of global blockbuster solutions for both business growth and employment deficits in economies around the world. The POMA project will use the HTMLCOIN digital currency, as well as all the technical capabilities of the new hybrid HTMLCOIN. The platform will begin testing the trial version in the first quarter of 2018, while it will launch in the second quarter of the same year. For more information, visit