Develop an e-learning platform through HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS.

Develop a freelance platform (website + iOS/Android mobile application).

List HTMLCOIN on new exchanges platforms.

Promote HTMLCOIN to the public, freelancers and businesses.

Enhance coin technology (e.g. APIs creation).

Develop crowdfunding platform to help innovative people kick start their product or service.

Develop platform based medical devices with amazing new technologies.

Business Development

HTMLCOIN is developing a business platform model that will bring a portfolio of real world Blockchain solutions to our partners.

Our first project brings freelancers and businesses together through HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS. Within the HTMLCOIN community, we have a large group of freelancers who will be subscribing as early adopters to help make HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS the preferred platform for other freelancers, jobseekers, and digital companies. Through the platform, freelancers learn the techniques and skills required to enable them to provide their services through HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS. HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS recognizes the importance of global diversity and offers these services worldwide, training talented people who may not have previously had the chance to fulfill their potential.

We have also developed an e-learning platform to provide skills (web development, programming, online marketing, etc.) for everyone, including minorities and vulnerable groups. We want to help give people the skills that will allow them to enter the market with competitively priced services. We have the ability to scale with our flexible and accessible digital learning programs and can train hundreds of people simultaneously, but as our system grows and evolves, we will be able to accommodate hundreds of thousands of participants.

The HTMLCOIN project and HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS have already drawn attention from large companies, venture capital, and government organisations. As a next step, our marketing team will extend this story to mainstream media, which will enable all to see what the HTMLCOIN project and HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS can do for them. All aspects of the private and public sectors, not to mention the population at large, will be able to see how the adoption of the HTMLCOIN platform will enhance their day-to-day lives. The HTMLCOIN project and HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS will be a “win-win” situation for everyone.

HTMLCOIN developers are currently working hard building all kinds of innovative applications. These applications and service directories will be presented through our HTMLCOIN.BUSINESS platform.