Dear Htmlcoin Family,

Today marks an important day in the history of Htmlcoin. The “little coin that could” that debuted in early 2014 has now made its way up to the top of the “mountain” and is ready to speed with all its might down the other side and on into the future. With a burgeoning and ever expanding world-wide community, uniquely innovative business plans, and a newly developed blockchain platform that brings the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum together, Htmlcoin proudly announces the release of its white paper.

The Htmlcoin white paper details the evolution of the coin from its early stages as merely a cryptocurrency to its present state as an independent blockchain platform with the ability to host multiple tokens and initiatives. The technology is thoroughly explained and the business plans are laid out. Htmlcoin is prepared to become one of the true innovators in the crypto world.

Community is what drives the Htmlcoin train forward. This white paper is a reflection of that community. It exemplifies how a group of volunteers from all corners of the globe can come together with passion, commitment, and vision to make something great. Htmlcoin is that something. With huge thanks to the entire Htmlcoin community for their dedication, hard work, and expertise, we are excited to share our vision with the world. We are proud to release the Htmlcoin white paper.


​Amando R. Boncales, MS Ed, MA, PhDc.
CEO & Founder
The Htmlcoin Foundation