We are developing a complete blockchain toolkit for business. Htmlcoin is a hybrid of some of the best and most innovative crypto-currency technologies, becoming a leading currency and blockchain platform that allows any company to easily deploy and manage their own branded encryption token savings in our blockchain.

The new Htmlcoin was developed using Bitcoin and Ethereum hybrid blockchain technology that integrates Bitcoin Core, Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This incredible technology makes it a very dynamic and decentralized currency. With our hybrid blockchain technology, we are building a complete blockchain toolkit for companies to create tokens. It enables different industries around the world to easily deploy and manage their own branded cryptographic token savings.

LEGAL NOTICE . We deeply value each of our partners. However, we are separate entities from our partners and do not perform due diligence on your products or services. We do not endorse the quality of any claims, products or services of our partners.

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