Swap Form

Htmlcoin is migrating to a new blockchain. If your HTML5 (old coin) is located in your HTML5 coin wallet or on Yobit exchange*, you have to swap these old coins (HTML5) to the new coin (HTML) trough the web form below (the Self Swap Service). Download the wallet for the new coin (HTML)  and  request payment (generate address) and paste that in the form below to start the swap. The form will then provide you a HTML5 address to send your old coins.

Disclaimer: If you enter a 2.0 address that you do not own, your coins will be lost forever. Please make sure all details are correct and double check your address. The HTMLCOIN Foundation and the team members are not responsible if you lose your coins as a result of incorrect usage of this form. By using this form, you proceed at your own risk.

Days 1-60 (18th Dec 2017 to 12th Feb 2018) Ratio 1:1
Days 61-90 (13th Feb 2018 to 12th Mar 2018) Ratio 1:2
Days 91-105 (13th Mar 2018 to 27th Mar 2018) Ratio 1:3
Days 106 (28th Mar 2018) End of Swap