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Testimonies from our Althash University Graduates

10 Mar 2021


Since inception,  a lot of students have gone through the Althash university system. They cut across the diverse nationalities and ethnicities of the world. These are some testimonies.






1.  Bello Abdullahi
I’m Usman Bello Abdullahi a graduate of Althash university, a global campus offering several courses related to crypto and blockchain technology on 100% scholarship. I call them pace setter in crypto and blockchain ecosystem. It’s great to be with them.
Thanks Amando, Julia and the faculty members. You’re really doing a great job.



2. Vu Ngoc Tien

Althash is the FREE best place to learn crypto. I proud of being here with many enthusiastic faculties member. Althash is a big captone in my elearning.





3. Aaditya Chandankar
The most comprehensive course on Blockchain, every aspect related to Blockchain and cryptocurrency are covered with great depth in this course.


4. Sandy Kumar
I thank Althash University with gratitude for interactive course design. I also thank our Respected faculties member which taught . As knowledge is something which never waste ,so through this online classes I gain a lot of knowledge.