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The HTMLCOIN Vision Moving Forward

29 Mar 2018

Dear HTMLCOIN Community Members,

As you may know, there was recently a divide between the HTMLCOIN team and POMA members, as the latter has decided that they would like to continue working on developing their platform independently. We wish POMA the best on their venture and, in the spirit of the open-source community, will remain open to future discussions about any potential collaborative efforts. During these moments, our community has consistently been the key to our growth and we thank you all for the outcry of support. You have spoken and the HTMLCOIN Foundation has listened.

Let us reassure you that HTMLCOIN is committed to putting the right leaders and teams in place in order to reform and restructure the foundation for long-term success. We are focusing our efforts on expanding partnerships to enable additional real-life uses for our blockchain. In the coming weeks, we will be turning our attention from communicating on the restructuring of the organization to sharing insights on projects, community efforts and new partnerships. This is our commitment to you.

HTMLCOIN has strengthened its core team and is looking forward to providing the world with the best technology and smartest applications. The HTMLCOIN team is consistently enhancing the blockchain to meet real-life needs. By enhancing our vision, mission statement, and objectives, we will be able to deliver relevant and responsive applications to our many diverse users.

Our vision is to become a community-focused blockchain, with the goal of enabling new projects, services and use cases to be created and operated on our platform. We strive to allow users to create their own token and utilize HTML coin as a software payment method – we have many of these efforts in effect today. We are hard at work putting the instrumental pieces in place around the globe to establish ourselves within the market as the quickest, most cost effective, developer-friendly blockchain solution. We are committed to both our services and to our community. We heard your requests for updates and will keep you plugged in as we continue to innovate and integrate blockchain technologies into everyday life.


The HTMLCOIN Foundation