UPDATES: December 13, 2017.

UPDATES: December 13, 2017.

UPDATES: December 13, 2017.


1. We are now in Trade Satoshi: https://tradesatoshi.com/Exchange/?market=HTML_BTC

2. What about the 60-day window for 1:1 manual swap? #MANUALSWAP
The timer for the swap ratios (1:1 days 1-60, etc.) has not yet begun. We will start that timer when the manual swap form becomes available. All coins that were on exchanges at the beginning of the swap period will be swapped 1:1 regardless of when the exchange processes the swap.

3. When will the manual swap form become available?:
The manual swap form will be available soon (within the next few days or sooner) now that all expected HTML5 are accounted for.

4. Why isn’t CoinMarketCap.com Updated?: #CoinMarketCap #CMC
We have reached out to CMC to ask them to list HTML and remove HTML5. They informed us they cannot do that until the volume for HTML5 goes to 0, so CMC will only track HTML5 and only on Yobit until 24 hours after the Yobit swap is complete.

5. What can I do to help?:
Vote for HTMLCOIN on altcoin.io. You can use multiple devices (like different computers, phones, or tablets) to vote multiple times. Please vote and share!👇👇👇

6. What happened to CoinGather?: #COINGATHER
We are acutely aware that CoinGather has disappeared from the Internet. Many HTMLCOIN users have many coins on CoinGather. Users have opened an inquiry with the FBI, and, as the HTMLCOIN Foundation will be fully cooperating with authorities, we cannot comment beyond that we are aware of the issue and users who are affected should contact the FBI. We do not condone any users considering criminal or unethical behavior and you will be banned if you make such suggestions in this forum.
**Update: The HTMLCOIN community contacted the FBI regarding the disappearance of Coingather. The FBI informed them that they were already investigating. Any affected party should fill out this form to help build the case faster.
FBI Cleveland: Phone: (216) 522-1400


7. Where should I store my HTML, on an exchange or in my own wallet?:
The general rule of thumb for cryptocurrency is to own your own wallet and keys. If you are careful about how you keep your wallet and mindful of your security, holding your coins in your own wallet takes the risk of keeping your coins on an exchange out of the equation. There is always risk associated with holding coins on exchanges. Ask yourself who you trust more with your coins, yourself or an exchange. See #6, above, for more information.

8. How do I mine HTML?
The HTML wallet supports CPU mining through the “generate” function. There is currently no support for GPU mining or use of an ASIC through an external miner. To mine in the wallet, pull up the command line by going to Help>Debug and clicking the command line tab. Then type “generate 101 999999999”. This will try 999999999 times to generate 101 blocks. The operation will run once and then return with brackets (no blocks found) or brackets with a hash inside (each hash represents one block found). You can quickly spam the generate command a bunch of times and they will stack and run in order. Once the last command completes, you will need to run them again. Some clever users have automated the generate command running the wallet via command line through a script. Poke around in this telegram and you may find someone willing to help you implement such a script. We are in the process of developing an external miner so folks can run GPUs or ASICs, but, for now, everyone has a fair shot at mining with their CPU ⛏.

9. How do I stake?
With coins in your HTML wallet, lock your wallet and then unlock the wallet using the “unlock for staking only” box. Once you unlock for staking, you must leave your computer on, with the wallet open, connected to the internet. You will start finding blocks based on your share of the total network stake rate. Your blocks will average out to give you about 1% new coins per year, all while securing the HTMLCOIN network and processing transactions (it’s cool, we know!).


Thanks for your patience and excellent support!


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