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We’ve Increased Our Bit-Z Bounty Reward by 100,000,000 Coins

30 May 2018

Bit-Z Voting Ends on June 4th! Less than 4 days.

Good day Htmlcoin Community and all the Htmlcoin supporters around the world. As you may know, HTML has a chance to be listed on one of the Top-10 biggest cryptocurrency exchanges of all time! All we need to do is to achieve 2 million vote tokens in less than a week. Currently, we are at 5.15% of the total. We are 94.85% short of reaching our goal. The goal may seem difficult but the outcome can be great:

A couple things to mention before starting:

Visit our Bit-Z voting page and Vote for Htmlcoin today!

About HTMLCoin

Htmlcoin focuses on providing a strong educational foundation. Our objective is to uncork the latent potential in underprivileged groups of people who are often forgotten and underutilized by the modern world. 

We are developing a unique model that our partners truly believe in: the cornerstone of our platform is the underlying belief that all people are created equal; with inherent dignity and self-worth in all stages of their life. It will become a truly undiscriminating, borderless blockchain platform. Through our substantial outreach and engagement efforts, we have allied with a global community actively involved in helping to develop our platform into real-world use-case solutions. These future partners are committed to making Htmlcoin their preferred collaboration platform.

About Bit-Z

Founded in 2016, Bit-Z is one of the world leading digital asset trading exchanges, providing professional digital asset trading and OTC (Over the Counter) services. The operation and technology teams consist of top talents from international digital asset industry as well as diverse professionals from various fields such as finance, social network, gaming, and e-commerce. Bit-Z adopts a bank-level SSL technology to ensure transaction security and GSLB with distributed servers to ensure the stability of the platform. Bit-Z’s mission is to provide the safest and most efficient service to benefit users worldwide with the best comprehensive digital asset trading services.

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