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What is a Hybrid Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain?

01 Apr 2017

What is a Hybrid Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain?

In 2017 alone, the cryptocurrency market witnessed the launches of many initial coin offerings. A majority of these debutants presented the industry with many disruptive applications of the unique blockchain technology while simultaneously fulfilling a specific purpose. On the other hand, some of the new technologies launched into the market offered a more reliable version of the existing blockchain platforms.

Some of the technologies that have substantially changed the cryptocurrency world include the Htmlcoin. It was introduced in 2014. The Htmlcoin implements an expandable design platform that has capabilities of incorporating more virtual machines than all the other existing blockchain platforms. The new coin is not just a type of cryptocurrency. It is a well-developed secure blockchain based majorly on the Bitcoin Core platform that amalgamates efficiently with Ethereum-based smart contracts.

Among these new market entrants, the most interesting is the technology that fuses the best aspects of Ethereum and Bitcoin. The entire market focuses on these two cryptocurrencies primarily because they are the most highly valued on the trading markets currently. The Htmlcoin is designed meticulously to deliver increased transaction rates, lower transaction fees, stability, and ease of use.

The Hybrid Technology

The Htmlcoin technology is intended to function as a decentralized peer-to-peer currency primarily. It is set to offer near-instantaneous transactions between Bitcoin and Ethereum without compromising on the security of the money involved. Therefore, the Htmlcoin was designed to enhance bitcoin transactions that are verified by secure network nodes using cryptography technology.

Moreover, this platform integrates several innovative Ethereum blockchain features to enhance efficiency in its operations. Some of the features it adopts from Ethereum include decentralized apps and Smart Contracts. All the transactions get recorded in a transparent public distributed ledger that is referred to as the blockchain. The hybrid platform can be used as a method of currency transfer or payment strategy as well as for storage of value.

The Htmlcoin platform seems to be an artistic innovation that combines the best features of Ethereum and Bitcoin. It is enabled through an Account Abstraction Layer that allows an account-based virtual machine to function efficiently to produce desired results on a Bitcoin UTXO-based blockchain. By so doing, this coin brags a complex to have a super blockchain network combining the best features of two of the two major platforms and cryptocurrencies in the world.

The Hybrid Blockchain Features

The Htmlcoin blockchain UXTO model incorporates the advantages of Ethereum and Bitcoin solving the problem of their incompatibility. The result of the hybrid HTML blockchain is an open source community that allows Bitcoin to ‘communicate’ with Ethereum. This technology utilizes multiple decentralized mobile applications running on the UTXO model of blockchain infrastructure.

Nevertheless, it has unique modifications that focus majorly on the practical applications of the smart contracts. The Htmlcoin uses the UXTO model enhances consistency and security of the transactions since all tokens can be traced. Most of the features of this technology are referred to as borrowed since they are a blend of the best characteristics of two successful blockchains merged to create an enhanced blockchain network.

With the extensive assistance of the Ethereum blockchain, Htmlcoin provides users with a chance to create tokens, automate chain management supply, and participate in automated agreements. The blockchain technology aims at standardizing the way business smart contracts are designed and used. The Ethereum features of this blockchain enable translations of transactions that are humanly readable into machine-readable smart contracts.

Thus, the Htmlcoin blockchain technology enhances consistency and reduces errors in the terms and conditions of their elements. In the future, the developers aim at creating a smart contract hub in this blockchain that will surpass the Ethereum technology that was the pioneer of all smart contracts. Htmlcoins are set for use in social networking, supply chain management, and telecommunication.


The Htmlcoin codebase features the reliable and easy-to-use UTXO payment protocol model that got designed for the Bitcoins. Thus, users can use smart contracts via various wallets and transact quickly and efficiently using bitcoins such as using on Bitcoin Casinos in USA. The network is scalable enabling users to access it using their mobile devices. This characteristic makes Htmlcoin blockchain feature among the most decentralized also giving them added advantage to tap from the vast market of mobile users.


HTML blockchain is compatible with two of the most significant blockchain currencies in the world. It is entirely compatible with all gateways of Bitcoin together with Ethereum’s smart contracts that are in existence. The coin strives to offer a plethora of decentralized applications that can be successfully applied in multiple settings by both individuals and businesses.

The Htmlcoin blockchain UXTO model incorporates the advantages of Ethereum and Bitcoin solving the problem of their incompatibility. Thus, it is highly advantageous since it transacts efficiently, securely and reliably across these platforms.